& Son

37 Fiat topolino

"Try putting a blown fuel Chrysler engine into a car the size of a Volkswagen. Then drop a brick on the throttle and hang on!" - William Bowen Borsch

Altereds were born In the 1950's, when youths would have rich pickings of all the surplus Pre-war vehicles lying around, hack them up to remove as much weight as possible and cram in the most volcanic powerful power plant they could create! and what did they do with these creations ? Race them of course! 

his car you see here pays homage to that era, being based off a 1937 Fiat Topolino, this car has had the same treatment in mind ever since first being discovered.

Featuring a 400 CI Methanol burning mouse motor, complete with vintage fuel injection and all the trimmings, this car is capable of running 8 second 1/4 mile times complete with huge wheel stands, smoky burnouts  and the full white knuckle ride experience all the way down the track! being a time capsule from that era, it was only fitting we painted this car in such a way that would compliment the drag racing hero's of yesteryear.

Hailing out of Kingsbury North west London, the KINGS name stood out instantly then the rest of the design came to followFeaturing Metalflake Candy paint, ivory panel fogging and a huge Przym logo hand painted on the rear that pays tribute to where our name would have been at that point in history  all adding together to make this car something to catch your eye wherever you see it, But the wild runs help too!