Soho, London

If your ever down at a London or Cambridge skatepark, chances are you'll find Sam just doing his thing, or driving around in his 50's Chevy pickup. but you see Sam is one of those people that has way more to offer than what meets the eye !

 you've probably noticed his haircut by now ? unique right ? well that's actually a key role of this guys life, and something that he personally loves peoples split opinions on.  "you either love it or hate it, either way It's got your attention"

Behind those varied tattoos and laid-back attitude lies somebody voted "best rising star" in the world of barbering and he has even had features in various magazines! quite a High achievement for somebody who originally puts across such a lowbrow Persona

being based in Cambridge, Sam originally started his career training at the London School of Barbering in Covent Garden. A world leading academy focused on being a training school disguised as a fully fledged barbershop, L.S.B actually has the strongest track record of graduates being regularly recruited by high end barbershops and unisex salons.

After graduating, he was Employed at the multi award winning Ruffians Barbershop,  Also located in Covent Garden in London, and it was there Sam focused in on his customer service. Since his time at ruffians, Sam has travelled around the whole of Britain, having guest spots in various barbershops and training other rising barbers

Living and growing up in Cambridge Yet working in London meant that he was always split between the two locations. so, to overcome this he now splits his time from the fast paced lifestyle of high end and celebrity barbering at Cut & Grind in London, and added a closer to home spot at Thomas Williams in Cambridge.

Not bad for some laid back skater eh ?