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Przym team

with our presteige program

You wanna join the przym team ? Thats awesome ! we're always looking for iconic people who really represent us and make Przym what it is today!  

just take a look at some of the people who we have met on our journey so far and fill out the contact form at the bottom if you think you could join them 

Sam Hill

Soho, London

Tell me more about Sam

Clayton Zeches

Toccoa, Georgia

Tell me more about Clayton

John Evans

Laguna Niguel, California

Tell me more about John

Bronze Prestige

Bronze includes

-Discount code to share with friends and family

-Early access to our latest drops and releases

Silver Prestige

everything in bronze plus:

-Entry into our Bi-monthly free giveaway for Silver members 

-We Promote you on our social media pages

Gold Prestige

Bronze and silver plus:

- Full write up on our website

- work alongside us sharing your feedback on ideas and opinions

- Free apparel


To qualify for the Presteige Program, the rules are simple.

- you must have a purchase history with us, so we know your enjoy our stuff! dont worry its not too late to order.

- Provide us with links to any social media accounts you have, so we can see what your all about 

- Fill out the form below, providing us with contact details and telling us just why you feel that you'd be a perfect fit!

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