Laguna Niguel, California

When somebody is described as being passionate about cars, you have visions of somebody who maybe has a car they cherish, or perhaps something they wash weekly to keep spotlessly clean 

But when we say john is passionate about cars, we mean it in its truest form.

The car scene has changed dramatically in the past decade, with older styles moving quickly out of fashion in favour of a more "European super-car" look that was storming across the globe. John has been at the heart of this movement from its early days.

originating as a partner of WPI Motorsports in 2010, the company was known for providing high end super-car styling for the coupes and saloons of Europe  but it was in 2013 when john founded ENLAES that things really took off

ENLAES was founded on a concept of beautiful progressive composite design that would not only look good but also provide a working purpose, and it shows not only in craftsmanship, but their design approach too,their composite pieces are mostly for High-Performance European vehicle applications but each one is a functioning work of art that is not only exhilarating to look at, but adds all the necessary aerodynamic performance to match

John has since took a different approach after selling the Enlaes name in 2015,  Joining Zito Wheels as their Chief Creative Officer. Zito Wheels aim to be at the forefront of wheel design and technology, with over 10 years of experience in creating wheels, The team range from racing enthusiasts to fashion savants,  so its no surprise that their wheels designs are a hybrid combination of Motorsport aesthetic in a lifestyle package.

Since being formed, the brand has created Timeless wheel designs that have been seen on a huge range of High performance vehicles such as Audis, Bentleys, Mclarens, Teslas, Lamborghinis and range rovers to name but a few

So when we say that john's the kinda guy who's passionate about cars, he definitely can back that statement up