& Tramm

Plymouth Duster Pro Modified

This car here is something we're proud to say we have our name upon.The Isaacs & Tramm Pro Modified Duster is where Engineering, Style and Performance all meet in perfect harmony.

Professional race car builder Chris Isaacs of Chris Isaacs Race Cars Teamed up with 4 time European drag racing Champion Spencer Tramm to build what is probably one of the most extreme 1970 Plymouth Dusters on the planet. 

Featuring a 521CI BAE HEMI V8 engine boosted by two 88mm turbos, The engine setup provides the car with enough power to run a 1/4 mile in 6.44 seconds at over 226 mph! although we're confident the car has potential to go much quicker ! we just can't wait to see it happen.

Being a project that would fly the flag for Chris Isaacs race cars themselves  its no surprise that the car is full of cleverly engineered components and designs that we personally have never seen on anything else before, such as a fully swing away steering column designed to help with ease of getting in and out of the car, "believe us, if you've ever clambered into one of these things, you'll know all too well how cramped they can be"

 We wish the Isaacs and Tramm team all the best of luck and support for the future as they aim towards that hopefully 5 second pass one day, and we're proud that they're able to have us along for the ride.