Lets Take
You Way Back

We havent always designed clothing

Our Journey Started from A Much Different Path

Think of 1976.. What do you see?

Flares,Thick Moustaches, "groovy" music, all things that you really wouldn't wanna be seen with today, and what was it that drew everybody to those things at that time ? 

Enter our 16 year old dad, that Blue Morris minor you see up top left there? you could bet your life that they didn't come out of the factory like that. you see our dad isn't the type of guy who ever really followed the flock, and whilst the masses we're playing that funky music he was out there in the garage putting his custom stamp on the UK roads 

whist at a car show in said minor, Some guy pulled him to one side and told him Son ..  one day you're gonna have vehicles on the cover of magazines! 

to a 16 year old boy, as you can guess compliments like that aren't quickly forgotten. and it turns out that guy wasn't wrong either! Fast forward to today and we've been behind a whole manner of head turning works of art. Even putting our name behind the European record time and speed for a 1/4 mile 

Born at 180 Mph

Growing up around race cars in the early 90's whilst your dad is racing around the UK "Middle pic up top" 

It doesn't take long until the torch is passed down upon your shoulders So at the age of 14 and after dad ending his career in a huge wreck it was time for me and my brother to take the reigns 

Starting off  in 2012 with a Jr dragster and eventually moving up to a full size one once we was both old enough to drive it It was between races where our two stories connect 

We was in our pit having just ran a pass at a 2014 European Drag race event, when we were approached by a guy asking us if we was part of a big american sponsor due to our car having our name and impressive branding plastered all over it. and asked us what merchandise we sold linked to our name. as he was hoping to get a tee 

That got us thinking .. what if we could combine our painting background and apply it to something that anybody could enjoy! 

we had 4 options 

A. fantasise about how a brand would look given our treatment, then carry on with life as usual

B. think nothing of it and just get the car prepped for the next round

C. do something about that opportunity 

D. Agree what a great idea that would be . and hope somebody brings out a product like that one day

We'll let you guess what choice we made.