Earth First

We're all well aware of the way the climate is in a desperate struggle with waste

so we're strong believers in owning fewer higher quality products rather than masses and masses of cheap products to fill numbers

we're also pushing to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum , thats why all of our tees are 100% sweatshop free and Eco friendly

what do we mean by this ?

well all of our shirts have been made in a no-sweat-shop humane sustainable way since day one. providing pleasant productive and comfortable places to work even being covered by a Platinum W.R.A.P certification.

that means that factories have to include: 
-Human resources management
-Health and safety standards
-Enviromental and eco friendly practices
-Legal compliance including import/export, customs compliance and security standards

products are also manufactured in a way that puts the earth first. 
Factory dye machines save over 7x less water than the average machine, that could save 24 million gallons a week if used constantly,
and even the water that is used goes through a filtration system to be used again and again.
sewing and cutting facilities are powered by solar energy and the factories we use produce almost zero landfill becuase they recycle pretty much everything that isnt a t-shirt,
even leftover fabrics are used as upholstery stuffing