"Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"

-Pablo Picasso

What drives us in life ?

Art ... it's always been art
Everything we've set out to do in life as humans always had pleasing the eye as its priority

We never limited art to just designing, We make art out of life


We spent over 4 years perfecting our fabrics and
printing until we found something that we just instantly knew was right.

See for yourself
Daytona Print Summer Soul Print Dual Edge Print Palm Dreams Print Republic Bear Print


Art Prints

Each of our designs start with a a hand drawn sketch on paper, So why not take things back to their original form?

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We're no strangers to the race circuit, check out all the Petrol heads that fly our flag

Przym Motorsport

Our Roots Are
Made For Talking

Our Roots Are
Made For Talking

Our roots are
Made For Talking

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